Pastoral Administration

The Buildings and Grounds Committee serves as an advisory body to the pastor to provide advice and assistance concerning the construction and maintenance of the physical facilities and real property of the parish.

Ministry Contact: Doug Sheid In accordance with Canon Law and Diocesan policy, the parish Finance Council is an advisory body to the pastor that provides advice and assistance concerning financial matters of the parish.  The council comprises up to ten members, appointed by the pastor, who meet at least 6 times per year.  The Council’s purpose is to evaluate the parish’s overall financial needs and procedures and to make recommendations to the pastor.

Ministry Contact: Russ Jacobs A dedicated group of volunteer parishioners approved by the pastor, who process the stewardship offertory collection on a weekly basis. Volunteers serve one Sunday morning a month.

Ministry Contact: Dave Ehrke & Mary Marshall

To contact ministry leaders, please call the Parish office: 835-8905