Gr. 10 Retreat Form – 2021

Gr. 10 Retreat 2021

  • Dear Parent/Guardian:

    Your child is expected to participate in a Religious Education sponsored activity that is part of the Confirmation preparation program. This activity will take place under the guidance and supervision of employees/ volunteers from St. Leo the Great Parish. A brief description of the activity follows:

    ACTIVITY: Retreat at St. Leo the Great Church
    SUPERVISOR OF ACTIVITY: Geri Styn, Adult Advisor of the Young Adult Retreat Team
    DATE OF ACTIVITY: Sunday, March 21st for all 10th grade students
    TIME OF EVENT: The retreat will begin with the 11 AM Mass at St. Leo’s. Teens: please sit in the reserved section in the front of the church. During the Mass we will have an enrollment ceremony in which teens will indicate their intention to fulfill the requirements of the Confirmation program and to attend Mass faithfully. After Mass we will meet briefly in the chapel before going over to the Holy Family Wing.
    TIME OF PICK-UP: 3 PM from the St. Leo the Great Dineen Wing (door # 4)
    STUDENT COST: $15.00

    Please complete, sign, and return the following statement of consent and release of liability. As parent or legal guardian, you remain fully responsible for any legal responsibility which may result from personal actions taken by the student named below.
    COVID-19 PROTOCOLS IN PLACE: Masks will be worn at all times while in doors. There will be mask breaks outside. There will be social distancing at all times. Surfaces will have been sanitized beforehand. The schedule of the event was shorted from its usual time by several hours.
    I hereby consent to participation by my child in the event described above on March 21, 2021. I understand that my child will be under supervision of the designated parish employees/ volunteers on the stated dates. I further consent to the conditions stated above regarding participation in this event.
  • Price: $15.00